How to: Sponsorship 2019

There are multiple ways you can contribute to Play4Agile, sponsorship is one of them.

You can find out more about it here:

Sponsoring possibilities at Play4Agile 2019

Sponsoring € 500 or more:
  • Sponsors link on PLAY4AGILE website
  • Sponsors will be mentioned in confirmation emails to participants
  • Sponsors will be directly mentioned, pointed out and thanked in the opening and closing sessions of the conference
  • Sponsors have the opportunity to provide branded give aways and/or information at an unattended table in the main room at the conference
Sponsoring € 1.000 or more (equivalent of a meal) we offer in addition:
  • Sponsors of € 1.000 or more are assured that they can send 1 participant to p4a.
    For that purpose their participant has to preregister with the organizers, to secure their ticket for our fast-selling event.
Further information
  • Sponsor logos for Play4Agile website
    Regarding size of logos take a look at examples. We will need a png or jpg image in order to include it to the website.
  • Preregistration for “meal” sponsors (>= € 1.000)
    Sponsors of lunch and/or catering can preregister one participant. For this purpose we will contact “meal” sponsors and give them a time box to preregister before official registration starts. We need name and email address of your participant before the 12th of November 2018, which is one week before registration.
  • Unattended table for give aways and further sponsor information.
    If you or one of your colleagues is participating at the conference, you are invited to place branded give aways and information there. We as organizers will mention this table at the opening of the conference. Please note that we leave it to self-organization of our sponsors to handle it.
  • Sponsors who want to use the give away table without attending the conference, are asked to provide their material to address of the venue.
    We need your materials at the venue before lunch time of Thursday, February 21st 2019.

Billing will take place before or shortly after the event. We as organizers take care that your money is spent wisely. Billings will be sent out by the venue, Seminarzentrum Rückersbach or infomar software (for expenses not provided by the venue)

Get involved!
To become a sponsor, please contact martin (DOT) heider (AT) infomar (DOT) de

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