Playpplication 2018

The moment so many of you have been waiting for!

For the playpplication of the coming play4agile, we ask you to make a playing card.

A couple of elements should be on there, because we’re all going to use these cards during the event itself. For the rest it’s up to your creativity!

Elements which in some way are to be on the card:

  • Avatar (photo) & Avatar’s Namep4a18_playplication_avatar (1)
  • My play superpower
  • What triggers my playfulness?
  • My Play4Agile level
  • What makes an intriguing Play Partner?
  • Why do I like to play?


Well, taking these elements and goofing around a bit with them to make an example for you, gave me something like this:

Very curious what your playpplication is going to look like!

If you register, please include a link of the playpplication on the form. All places are currently booked, but we’ll put you on the waiting list so we have a good chance of welcoming you in February 2018.

Let’s get creative and share your playpplications: twitter #playpplication #p4a18


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