play4agile 2019 PreEvent

Dear participants,

We are ready to co-create the play4agile 2019 preEvent with you!

Last year we did an experiment and collectively co-created the play4agile 2018 preEvent: The participants brainstormed ideas what we could do as p4a18 pre-event and chose their favorite idea. This was such a smooth and co-creative experience that we will do it again this year!

So now, you as the participants are invited to STORMZ where you’ll be able to ideate!

What should you should keep in mind while co-creating the preEvent:

  • The PreEvent takes place the Thursday afternoon from 2 to 6pm (before the opening of play4agile) , so max. 4 hours.
  • It is usually with around 50 people in one big room.
  • The participation in the preEvent is optional.

What ideas are we looking for:

  • The PreEvent should somehow prepare us for play4agile.
  • It should be interactive.
  • In best case, the preEvent sharpens our gamification skills.

We are going to use STORMZ for this! You create a (free) account and then start a virtual brainstorm with the others in the process.

The brainstorming will happen in 4 steps:

  1. Generating ideas! Lots of! Everyone on her/his own!
  2. Discovering and making sense of all of the (others’) ideas!
  3. Voting! Selecting the most promising ideas!
  4. The Result: Discovering the TOP ideas!

We will give you several days for each step.

Looking forward to it!

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