We care about transparency and fairness

As your peers organizing our yearly unconference, we embrace collaboration and feedback as it helps us to improve the way we work together as a team, and together with the community. That’s why we want to share and shed some light on feedback that we have recently received from someone who dared to raise a concern. Apparently there are rumors going on that the p4a organization might be biased on who is on the waiting list and who is in already. Supposedly, people are being pulled from the waiting list purely out of favoritism.

Although this is not nice to hear, we are glad that we are hearing it now so we can respond and hopefully provide some clarity. We respect our motto “Dare, Share, Care”.

Regarding registration, we switched this year from using Google Forms to Eventbrite. Unfortunately, this has not been as smooth as we had hoped. Some of you have experienced the hassle of trying to finalize your registration (being either a “lucky one” or having a pre-registered sponsor place), and ending up with multiple superfluous entries in Eventbrite and thus unjustly being put on the public waiting list. To these people we have responded in a private mail not to worry and that we would help as much as possible to get them registered correctly and to disregard the waiting list. The moving might imply that people jumped the queue. They didn’t. It was our fault for messing up the list as we tried to bend Eventbrite to our desired goal. We now have better oversight on this.

Since this weekend the first people at the top of the waiting list have been able to register as some spots became available. This is the point where we are right now.

A lot of people who have been to Play4Agile in previous years experienced that spots will open up in the coming weeks and months. Also for newcomers we want to share this is a common thing. The nearer we get to the actual dates of the event, more people will cancel and places will open up. In all previous years this has let to a situation that everybody who was on the waiting list – and still willing to travel and show up – could join.

We don’t want you to get your hopes up too high since the list has never been this long before, but the chance to get in is high, so don’t despair. What we don’t do is work with favors, we are not open to bribes. We will welcome all people and are happy to have a diverse crowd of ‘newbies’ and ‘oldtimers’ (usually 50/50%).

We try to help as much as possible, so if you have any questions or want to provide us with feedback please feel welcome to do so. 

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