play4agile 2020 playpplication: A Poetry Album

A few years ago we created the habit of asking for something creative by the people who want to register for play4agile. Now here comes the playpplication for play4agile 2020, #p4a20, which we also call #p4aten, because it will be the 10th play4agile in Rückersbach. (There have been more in North America and South America!)

In former times a lot of German kids had poetry albums where friends and classmates filled the pages with poems (less popular) but mostly personal memories. This is what we would like you to do for the registration for play4agile 2020:

#pa420 #playpplication

Here is what you need to do with your page of the poetry album:

  • Download the template, and create your page! Fill it in, add to it, colour it!
  • Or take the template as inspiration and create your own! (A4, personal information and the questions around play4agile are mandatory)

For the registration you will need your finished playpplication, and a link where we can find it!

We’d be happy if you tweet it with the hashtags #p4a20 #playpplication and #p4aten. The organizer team will start soon, too.
We might use the playpplications of the #p4a20 participants for a play4agile 2020 anniversary album…