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Play4Agile 2015

Play4Agile Logo

We Proudly Present: Play4Agile NorthAmerica!

This year, Play4Agile is growing a sibling in North America:

Play4Agile North America Sept 11th to 13th at YMCA Cedar Glen

Join the fun 🙂


Here is a glimpse of our #p4a Pre-Event –
We will start Friday at 2 PM in the Forum and finish around 6 PM.

That’s for timing. Do you want to know more? Ok, here is a bit on “what” & “who” to wet your appetite.

Don’t prepare – just show up!

Let’s trust our imagination.
Let’s interact outside the box!
An exploration of some funny ways to get out of our boxes.

We will enjoy 4 hours of Improv Theatre practice and play with our facilitator Sarah Kleiner.

Sarah Kleiner
Sarah Kleiner
theatre pedagogue, German philologue, contemporary dancer

Study of German language/ literature and Geography at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen.
Works inter alia as theatre teacher, dramatic adviser and director. Most recently freelanced in cooperation with Schauspielhaus Graz, Thalia Theater Hamburg and in own projects. Co-founder of sprachmächtig e.V.


Looking forward to see you next week!

Waiting List

If you haven’t got a place yet, go to https://p4a15.eventbrite.com/ and join the waiting list! We are now getting to the point of those famous and thrilling last minute-chances and changes. Give it a try, ladies and gentlemen!

Play4Agile 2015, #playpplications: Mission completed!

Yay! The first step to register for #p4a15 is completed.

A huge, warm THANK YOU to all submitters!
We received so many creative, crazy, challenging and collaborative #playpplications. Thank you for sharing your ideas, your views, your memories and questions – and all those great and touching videos.

All of you who have submitted a #playpplication are in and will soon receive a link to complete the registration. We might come back to one or the other to clarify how to register your kids or spouses who were included in your videos.

AND there are a literal hand full of spaces left!

Those will be open for registration on

November 22th, 22:00 CET.

Please watch out for the Eventbrite link here on our Website and be prepared to become a p4a Event-Bride.

You can already set your alarm. 🙂

For the last few spaces: please note and be prepared – we’d also like to ask you for your #playpplications!


Who participates?

Play4Agile is for Agile and Lean coaches,
facilitators, game and innovation experts
who want to exchange questions, ideas and experiences
on using games in teams and organisations.

Play4Agile provides an open playground
to inspire each other and
to learn how using serious games can help us achieve our goals.

Play4Agile is a gathering of experienced peers from all over the world
to create and play games in an inspiring environment.

When Is It? 

February 20-23, 2015, Rückersbach (near Frankfurt am Main), Germany.

How You Get into Play4Agile 2015?
The P4A15 Playpplication!

We’ve completed phase one of our registration for 2015 and received more than 60 #playpplications!

If you register in phase two, here is how it works: Instead of answering three questions, this time we invited everyone to do something creative and send in videos.

There’s no limit to your creativity. We want creative “playpplication” videos that enable people to connect to you, get to know you. Videos which tell the story about why you want to come, and what you want to enjoy. (The video does not need to show you.) Surprise us!

Capture your creativity in a one minute video: Sing a song, write a poem, interview yourself or others, make a collage, draw a visual… Then publish it to YouTube, Vimeo, or similar, and email us a link to your video. We will put it into our new YouTube channel.

Are you looking for inspiration? Check out our playlist: https://www.youtube.com/user/Play4Agile

Send an email with the link for your #playpplication in phase two to orgteam@play4agile.org 

If you want to, tweet the link to your video with #P4A15 and tell the world.

Sponsors: Create a Video too!

You are sponsoring Play4Agile? (Thank you!) Then the video offers you a new, better and additional chance to market your financial support of the community. You are invited to create a playpplication video, too – if you find ideas and time to do it! Then let us and the community know why you want to sponsor and support Play4Agile.
Please indicate in the email you send us, that your video is intended for your sponsoring. We will create a special channel for those videos and tweet your contributions!

Fees and Billing

The price will be less than 350 € including food and accommodation, depending on how much sponsorship we get. You will be invoiced by and pay directly at the venue.

Further Information

Twitter Play4Agile hashtag: #p4a15

Our Page on Google+.

Watch our shared vision video.

Links on this site:

Improv theater – Pre-event

There may be a Improv theater workshop before the conference. It would take place directly before the conference at Friday 2 PM. You get more information about this possible pre-event here, soon.


1 hour from Frankfurt (Main) airport in the lovely Seminar Center Rückersbach Kolpingstraße 1, 63867 Johannesberg, Germany (Google Maps).

How to get there gives you more info on travel details for plane/train/car.


Beginning of the conference: Friday, February 20st 2015, 18:00 CET with drinks and snacks. Official opening starts at 20:00 CET.

Beginning of the possible pre-event session: Friday, February 20st 2015 14:00 CET.

End of the conference: Monday, February 23th 2015, 15:00 CET.


Last year the conference was sold out in less than one minute. On the participants page you can see our last year’s participants.


Play4Agile 2011, the first one!

Play4Agile 2012, the second one!

Play4Agile 2013, the third one!

Play4Agile 2014, the fourth one!

Organizing team

Alexander van der BergKatrin ElsterMartin Heider, Melanie Meinen, Olaf Lewitz.

Feel free to contact us: orgteam@play4agile.org

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