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Car Sharing

We created this new spreadsheet to help you self-organise arrivals.

Do you arrive by car?

Maybe you can give somebody a lift and travel together—which probably is both more ecological and interesting.

Use this page to offer or ask for a lift to Play4Agile.

Suggestion for how we can manage this simply: If you’re offering, pick some requestors and after they confirm to go with you, then the requestors erase their names. The offering person keeps their name on here if they still have seats available, and when full, they also erase their name here. That way, just the “live” offers and requests are on this wiki page for simplicity.

Please negotiate Offers and Requests in the comments.


Comments on: "Car Sharing" (10)

  1. I’m travelling by car as well and Karlsruhe is pretty much on the way. If you don’t insist on driving yourself I can pick you up.

  2. Hi,

    I’m driving from Munich to Rückersbach and back to Munich. One seat is available 🙂


  3. Hi,

    I have one seat available from Munich to Rückersbach and back to Munich. A pickup on the way is also possible (like Augsburg, Ingolstadt, Nürnberg,…)


  4. Hi,
    I’m arriving early to FRA and than renting a car to drive to SEMINARZENTRUM RÜCKERSBACH

    I’m OK to pick up someone in the airport (even if I should wait) or get someone on train station, either Frankfurt Main or Aschaffenburg Hbf

    Please contact me by mail, I’ve added my contacts into the spreadsheet

    • Hi,
      I will arrive at 12:05 to FRA airport, plus the time it takes to get out.
      I know it’s tight to get there by 14:00.
      Looking for someone to share a cab with, or a rented car if you have seats.

  5. I am traveling from / to cologne and happy to either share or offer a seat in my car. Please contact me on twitter @welzel for details.

  6. Stanislava said:

    Hi all! Is there anybody driving from Amsterdam? I am ready to buy the train ticket, it’s super cheap, so I don’t mind, but I am ready to be a company for somebody driving as well (and I can drive too).

  7. Stanislava said:

    The above comment is not valid more. I’ve bought the ticket to Aschaffenburg Hbf. Anybody can take me from there at 21.30 on Thursday?

  8. Just added my data in the spreadsheet above – after contacting somebody from last year due to the comments… 😉

  9. Silvana Wasitova said:

    Eike, Ellen: what time do you want to leave Munich? I can start the journey from there too.

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