These are common questions and their answers. If this doesn’t answer your question, then reach out to the organizers by email or twitter.

FAQ for Play4Agile (Europe)

The FAQ for the event in Rueckersback, Germany in February 2020. You can reach the organisers at orgteam@play4agile.org

What do I bring with me?

You bring yourself and your curiosity, plus any fun games, instruments, and (session) ideas that you want to share with the other participants.

What language do I use while at Play4Agile?

English is the common one used for the conference. It’s ok that your English isn’t perfect. Everyone understands that only with practice do we get better.

When and where do I pay?

You pay on the Sunday after you check out of your room. You pay the venue for the cost of the event, your room, food and your drinks from the bar and restaurant. Thanks to our lovely sponsors we are able to keep the cost of the event affordable. This is normally  less than 400 € including food and accommodation, depending on how much sponsorship we get.

The other cost that arises is a collection of tip money for the ever wonderful hotel staff, who look after us so well, which is handed over to them after lunch on Sunday.

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your participation at Play4Agile at any time. A cancellation of your participation needs to be notified in written form.

In case you are cancelling in advance, or do not show up for the event, we will charge a cancellation fee. The Cancellation fee will be set according to the cancellation date:

  • No fee is charged for cancellations up to 15 days prior to the event. 100% of the fee becomes due once you are registered within 14 days of the event. If you will not be able to attend, your place goes to the next person on the waiting list. If no one takes it up, then you are liable for the fee. Any registration cancellations must be made in writing.

Please have also a closer look at terms and conditions.

What is this about ‘eventbrides’ at Play4Agile?

There are a limited number of single rooms at the venue. We want to enable as many participants as possible at p4a, so we ask that people share their room where possible. The person you share your room with is your ‘eventbride’.

We aim to pair people with those who they say they’d like to share. We ask you before we confirm that you’re ok to share with a person.

If you’re adventurous and are willing to share with a stranger, or ‘new friend you’ve not met yet’, we place you with a person of the same gender.

Can I stay off-site and participate in Play4Agile?

No, sorry. P4a is an ‘all in’ event which means you agree to be there for the whole event. When Lady Fortuna grants you a ticket from the lottery this includes a bed at the venue to sleep in as well as a seat at the table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Thursday through to Sunday.

This all sounds great. Can I bring my partner and kids to Play4Agile?

We want to enable parents and the next generation to participate in p4a, and also making it a great experience for everyone. So we had kids (toddlers and youth participants) on former Play4Agile events. If you have toddlers, who you want to bring along, then make it transparent to the organizers in your pre-registration. If you have youths that want to participate, they have to register on their own. Be aware that family members are entered into the lottery as individuals. So if none of the parents gets a place before the End of January, we will free the youth places to participants on the waiting list.

What if I need some space to look after myself at Play4Agile?

P4a is an unconference, which opens up many more opportunities to take part in sessions than in a regular conference where everything is organised around a fixed schedule. An unconference lets you create your own schedule of what you offer fellow attendees, and what you also want to take part in too. Plus you can also arrange your own ‘side events’ for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and coffee/beer meetings too. The opportunities are as wide as your diverging options allow. This is one of the really cool parts of unconferences, which many people enjoy.

The less well-known part of this is that unconferences can be a very tiring as we try to ‘do it all’ and don’t pace ourselves. You can get more from your time at p4a20 by building in some quiet time for yourself by making use of some of your options. You can retire to your room for a nap, or for an early bed. The venue has lots of wooded walks for quiet contemplation or walk with a friend. The bar/cafe space is also quiet and available for you, as is the sauna. There are many opportunities for you to look after yourself. Please remember to use them so that you have a great time at p4a20.

Where do I go, when I arrive?

  • To get to the venue from your home: see the page “how to get there
  • After parking, please check in first at the reception (second building on the right); you’ll get your key and can place your luggage in the room.
  • After check-in, meet us at the forum (first building on the right

I still have a question…

If you have questions, then please contact us at orgteam@play4agile.org and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.