Idea Farm

What do you want to do? Please add ideas for

  • sessions
  • games you want to play
  • game ideas you want to develop
  • evening activities

in the comments so that we can start an engaged conversation:-)

Happy to see all of you soon!

22 thoughts on “Idea Farm

  1. I’d love to have a discussion about different kinds of decision-making processes and maybe come up with an improv-part how they work with difficult participants/groups.

  2. I’d love to have a discussion about different kinds of decision-making processes. Maybe we can come up with an improv part showing how they work/fail with difficult groups/participants 😉

    1. Great idea. I forgot to ask you to bring your cajon. Holger and me will bring guitars an some small percussion. Looking forward to play together :o)

  3. If there is interest during the Marketplace, I’d like to propose a few open spaces to share experiences:
    – How to use Black Stories for facilitating teams or reviving scrum meetings
    – Want to try out if Rory’s Story Dice can be useful for retrospectives
    – Not sure if we have time to prepare some things, but also had the idea with Eddy Bruin to do something with game manuals vs requirements

    I’ll also bring a handful of social deduction games like Coup, Love Letter: Batman, Werewolves.
    Would love to bring my print & play of the Kickstarter hit ‘Secret Hitler’ along. I hope people can be open to how the theme really adds to the tension and mechanics, but I hope it doesn’t offend people when I bring this along.

  4. Tom Wujec: How to make Toast (TED Talks Edinburg Scotland, June 2013), Video takes 9 minutes. All about visualisation. With a Basic set of markers and A3 size paper we can do some drawing.

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