High PLAYformance for Agile Teams

Play4Agile 2014

Play4Agile Logo

For Agile and Lean coaches,
facilitators, game and innovation experts
who want to exchange questions, ideas and experiences
on using games in teams and organisations.

Play4Agile provides an open playground
to inspire each other and
to learn how using serious games can help us achieve our goals.

Play4Agile is a gathering of experienced peers from all over the world
to create and play games in an inspiring environment.

When Is It? How Do I Get In?

February 21-24, 2014, Rückersbach, Germany. The event is sold out, but there is a waiting list on Eventbrite.  You may still want to go for it, since we never know what happens.

Game creation workshop – Pre-event

Play4Agile invites participants to a game creation workshop before the conference. This is a great opportunity to get familiar with game design, which is useful during the rest of the conference.
Last year we handed the facilitation of the unconference to the participants. Each day was facilitated by a different pair. This worked out so well, that we want to keep this. And Play4Agile wouldn’t be Play4Agile if we wouldn’t try something new. So we invite you to participate in a game creation workshop and create games we can play with all the participants during the conference. This will take place directly before the conference at Friday 2 PM. If you like to join, mark the corresponding checkbox in the registration form.


The registration started on November 22th, 22:00h CET on Eventbrite. The event is sold out, but there is a waiting list on Eventbrite.  You may still want to go for it, since we never know what happens.

This year, we are trying a new approach: registration will be in three batches, to give  people multiple chances and to add more randomness to the process. With each batch, we will let approximately 20 people in.

Second batch starts Sunday, November 24th, 12:00 (noon) CET.

Third and last batch starts Tuesday, November 26th, 18:00 CET, and will have a waiting list.

The event is sold out, but there is a waiting list. You may still want to go for it, since we never know what happens.

As always, we ask you to answer three questions, which this time may be:

  • In which challenging situations do you want to shout “let’s get playful!”?
  • How can games change the way of work?
  • What super hero would you like to be to change the world?

The price will be less than 350 € including food and accommodation, depending on how much sponsorship we get. You will be invoiced by and pay directly at the venue.

No fee is charged for cancellations up to 15 days prior to the event. 100 % of the fee becomes due once you are registered within 14 days of the event. If you will not be able to attend, an alternative participant can be designated at any time at no extra cost. The organizers have the right to reject the designated participant and choose another participant instead. Any registration cancellations must be made in writing.

To register for the pre-event Game creation workshop mark the corresponding checkbox in the registration form.

Further Information: Twitter Play4Agile hashtag: #p4a14

Our Page on Google+.

Watch our shared vision video.

Links on this site:


1 hour from Frankfurt (Main) airport in the lovely Seminar Center Rückersbach Kolpingstraße 1, 63867 Johannesberg, Germany (Google Maps).

How to get there gives you more info on travel details for plane/train/car.


Beginning of the conference: Friday, February 21st 2014, 18:00 CET with drinks and snacks. Official opening starts at 20:00 CET.

Beginning of the pre-event session: Friday, February 21st 2014 14:00 CET

End of the conference: Monday, February 24th 2014, 15:00 CET


You can find the list of all p4a14 participants on this page.


This year’s Play4Agile was sponsored by:

StrategicPlay  Deutsche Telekom  The Third Art  itagile_logo  scrumcenter  TNG  S_130x364_oose-Logo_weiss  stattys



Play4Agile 2011, the first one!

Play4Agile 2012, the second one!

Play4Agile 2013, the third one!

Organizing team

Alexander van der BergKatrin Elster, Olaf LewitzThorsten Oliver KalninMartin Heider.

Feel free to contact us: orgteam@play4agile.org


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