High PLAYformance for Agile Teams


Get Creative to Join #P4A17!

Why do you want to be at Play4Agile 2017? 

Show us! 

It’s #playpplication time! 

Create a playful artefact that shows or tells why you want to participate. It can have any electronic representation: video, photo, blog post or other text. This are two examples:

Martin Heider's playpplication drawing

Martin Heider’s playpplication for #p4a17

Anja Stiedl’s playpplication…

We will compile your artwork into a slide presentation and present it at play4agile 2017!

We encourage you to share your artwork online and tweet about it with #p4a17! 

If you prefer not to have it public, you can share it with us with your registration.

Play4Agile 2015, #playpplications: Works of Art

For the 2015 edition, we asked participants to create a video. The playlist is still online, and still awesome: https://www.youtube.com/user/Play4Agile


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