!! Please use a desktop machine for registration at as we are encountering issues with mobile devices. And yes, we know it’s 2019… 😉

Please get ready….

Play4Agile grows in popularity every year which means more registration requests than it has places for participants. The number of places is restricted by the space we have in the restaurant to accommodate us all at one sitting. With a confirmed registration, you also have a reserved room at the venue.

We had years when the event was sold out in one second, which made the registration a stressful lottery by wildly clicking the registration button, and hoping for the best internet connection. We have moved beyond that to a more equitable system. However, in the process of continuous improvement, we think that we can do better.

In order to make the registration process for p4a20 as fair and relaxed as possible for everyone, it consists of the following steps this year:

  1. Pre-registration Period 18.11.19 – 26.11.19: In this period we collect all pre-registrations, which fulfill the requirements (register here and submit a Playpplication), which will be detailed below. If we have more pre-registrations than places (which is normally the case), then we do a lottery at the end of the pre-registration. This determines if you are ‘in’ or ‘on the waiting list’.
  2. Lottery Night 26.11.19: If you are a LUCKY ONE, you get informed that you are ‘in’ and you are asked to confirm your place by a given deadline. Everyone else gets informed about his/her position on the waiting list. 
  3. After Lottery Night: Everybody who registers for p4a20 after the Pre-registration Period will be added to the end of the waiting list. 
  4. The Waiting List: We will ask everybody on the waiting list, what’s the last possible moment they could be told they were ‘in’ and still be able to come to attend. (Yes, there are people who still come if they get told they have a place on the Thursday of p4a).
    Every time one of the LUCKY ONES gives up their spot, the first one on the waiting list is offered an option to join the event. The nearer we get to the opening date, the shorter the window is for you to confirm your place at p4a20. 

Special rules:

  • We expect all participants to abide by our code of conduct.
  • We ask LUCKY ONES who cannot come to inform us as soon as possible to make someone else lucky. Their places will be offered to the next one on the waiting list.
  • All booking of rooms at Rueckersbach will be done by us. If you are a LUCKY ONE, you have a room. You increase your chances for getting a spot by saying you’re willing to have an EVENTBRIDE, which means you are willing to share a room with another participant. You can tell us who’d you be willing to share your room with, or just say something more general. Be aware that we can only fulfill your preferences for specific people, if that person is also a LUCKY ONE.
  • Intercontinental participants: We want to keep Play4Agile as international as possible. For that reason we reserve 5 places for participants who have to travel from other continents (North America, South America, Australia, Africa, Asia). If we get more than 5 intercontinental pre-registrations we will do a lottery for them first. Unlucky ones of this lottery will be entered in the normal lottery for the rest of the spots. Intercontinentals who get on the waiting list are handled as others on the waiting list.
  • Families: We want to enable parents and the next generation to participate in p4a, and also making it a great experience for everyone. So we had kids (toddlers and youth participants) on former Play4Agile events. If you have toddlers, who you want to bring along, then make it transparent to the organizers in your pre-registration. If you have youths that want to participate, they have to register on their own. Be aware that family members are entered into the lottery as individuals. So if none of the parents gets a place before the End of January, we will free the youth places to participants on the waiting list.
  • To Organizers and Sponsors supporting Play4Agile (with ≧ 1.000 €) We offer one reserved spot to assure their participation. In addition, they have to pay and fulfill all of the requirements (registration plus Playpplication) as “normal” participants.

#p4a20 #Playpplication: Poetry Album

As every year we ask for a personal playpplication about why you want to participate at p4a. We had movies, art and other formats in the past. The playpplication for play4agile 2020 is a poetry album.

Important Information