Share your Play4Agile Story!

After Play4Agile is before Play4Agile… So, we are ALWAYS looking forward to it!

In order to make the waiting time more fun for all of us, we would like to invite you, the former Play4Agile participants, to share your “Play4Agile Story”!

Here are some questions you could start with:

  • Who or what brought you to Play4Agile in the first place?
  • What kept you from coming back?
  • How did Play4Agile make a difference in your life, your work and/or your community?
  • Did you change jobs because of your experiences at Play4Agile or took a sabbatical?
  • How might you bring the unconference forward?
  • What would be your wish for the next 5 years of Play4Agile?

Submit Your Story!

Write it as a blog post, as a tweet marked with #myp4a or in your preferred (public) social media and let us know via orgteam(at)! We will make all stories available in this post.

Thank you in advance for sharing your Play4Agile story and for your support of the Play4Agile community. Looking forward to your stories!

Published Stories

Michael Sahota wrote about the 1st Play4Agile

Christine Neidhardt shared her story

Pete Rössler shared his story

Bruce Scharlau shared his P4A14 experience

Olaf Lewitz about how P4A changed his life

Thorsten Kalnin wrote about P4A in 2012

Another 2012 story by Konstantin Obenland

What else? Please share more links with us!

4 thoughts on “Share your Play4Agile Story!

Add yours

  1. As a Play4Agile newbie, I can only say that I came here after hearing all the wonderful stories at Agile Coach Camp Netherlands. I loved the games we played there and especially the ones we made.

    As a cubscout leader I have quite a generous catalogue of basic games that I can use to build new games from. I hope it will come in useful, and I hope to learn a lot from the other participants. But most of all, I hope to have a lot of fun.

  2. I know of two people who changed jobs because of their experience at p4a. And another person did a sabbatical and spent it in the desert.

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