Thank You, and Sorry! – #p4a14

Thank you again for your huge interest in being a part of Play4Agile for helping the P4A 2014 vision come true! Currently we have sold 71 out of 75 tickets. 12 People are on the waiting list. Estimating from past experience, many of these have a good chance to get in.

Play4Agile over capacity…
Play4Agile has always been an event that attracted more interest than our selected venue has capacity. After the retrospective at P4A13 our understanding of the communities’ needs and wants led to the choice to keep Rückersbach one more year as a venue and stay with the current size of 70-80 attendees. Ideas of having multiple events in multiple locations or a bigger event in a different location have been discussed in the community, but have not happened so far.

P4A13 was sold out in less than a minute, leading to a long waiting list and many disappointed people. A few weeks before opening this year’s registration we discussed options for experiments to make it fairer. We then chose to have three batches of 19 tickets, two days apart, at different times of day so that people in different time zones would have a fair chance to join, and people with a higher commitment to come would have multiple options to try. Planning the batches, we changed the dates/times multiple times until we felt they fitted everyone’s needs best.

Sorry we messed up with the change of the P4A14 registration!
But we know now: Our final change was too late and we communicated it poorly! We apologize for that!
We simply didn’t consider that some of you had set their expectations, made their plans and set their alarm clocks. We did not communicate our change extensively enough to reach a significant majority of our community so that the news would spread. We assumed you would check our homepage before registration and didn’t explain the batches on the eventbrite page so that many of you were confused. We are sorry for this too, and improved that from Friday onwards. Too late for some, we know.

Looking forward
There will be a Futurespective at the end of Play4Agile 2014 on how to innovate and improve P4A and we hope for your input and co-creation! We will come up with a simple way for the people who won’t be on site to share and discuss their wants and needs to get the input of the whole community.

Play4Agile 2013
Play4Agile 2013

Thank you again for making the Play4Agile vision happen and helping us to grow it with your support and feedback!

Your volunteer p4a organiser team!
Katrin Elster, Alexander van der Berg, Martin Heider, Thorsten Kalnin, and Olaf Lewitz


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