Play4Agile wouldn't be so playful when you could 'just' register and that's it. We're asking you again this year to dig into your creative brain and send us your playful application > what we would call your "playpplication". The theme this year is: Me starring in p4a19 as.... If you were a movie or TV... Continue Reading →

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How to: Sponsorship 2019

There are multiple ways you can contribute to Play4Agile, sponsorship is one of them. You can find out more about it here: Sponsoring possibilities at Play4Agile 2019 Sponsoring € 500 or more: Sponsors link on PLAY4AGILE website Sponsors will be mentioned in confirmation emails to participants Sponsors will be directly mentioned, pointed out and thanked... Continue Reading →

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We care about transparency and fairness

As your peers organizing our yearly unconference, we embrace collaboration and feedback as it helps us to improve the way we work together as a team, and together with the community. That's why we want to share and shed some light on feedback that we have recently received from someone who dared to raise a... Continue Reading →

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