Play4Agile 2021 is coming! #p4a21

play4agile 2021

Play4Agile 2021 will take place from February 25-28, 2021 as special Cauliflower Edition! #p4acauliflower

You don’t know what we mean with cauliflower edition? In 2021 everything will be different! More news soon!

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Who participates?

Play4Agile is for playful, creative people who are passionate about change… from all over the world. We welcome those who want to exchange questions, ideas and experiences on using games in teams and organizations!
Play4Agile provides an open playground to inspire each other and to learn how using serious games can help us achieve our goals.
Play4Agile is a gathering of experienced peers from all over the world to create and play games in an inspiring environment.

Fees and Billing

The price will be less than usual (<< 400 € 🙂 ).

Further Information

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In 2021 everything will be different! But we will try to make it as rĂĽckersbach-y as possible.